Friday, 6 December 2013

Thank you, Edward Snowden

On June 6 2013, Edward Snowden opened the eyes of the whole world, changing our perception of America and our privacy. On June 6 2013 Edward Snowden sparked a discussing that lasted for six months, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going off the hot topic list anytime soon.

What started off with a one leak about the US government collecting phone call data from its citizens, has quickly transferred into a revolution. Edward Snowden has been leaking documents for the period of six months now, ensuring the public that there is more and more to come. I think it’s safe to say that the American government has been sweating every single time a leak came out, because for the first time they are forced to open their mouth with something else then lies coming out.   

The latest leak came out just yesterday, revealing that the NSA tracks 5 billion phone calls outside the US every day. 5 billion. Every day. Keeping in mind that there’s 7 billion of us in the whole world, that number is pretty impressive. And why does the US feel like they need to have a tap on literally almost every one in the world? Because they need to “find suspicions travel patterns”. Sure US, do your thing, I hope you’re having fun listening to all the crap me and the rest of the population have to say on the phone, just to make sure we don’t want to bomb your glorious country.

Today is it exactly six months from the first leak. I guess we could say that we are celebrating a kind of an anniversary. I mean, we cannot really give Snowden any flowers, or chocolates, but I think it is important to say at least a little thank you. This guy had the guts to stand up against the system, he had the guts to face the outrage of the world’s most powerful political leaders, just so that we can finally get to know what is going on behind the scenes.

So thank you Edward, thank you for standing up for what you believed was right, thank you for saying out loud what no one else might.

What do you think about the latest leak? What do you think is next?

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